Aims and Missions

ISOT was founded in 1977 in the US the first international meeting was convened in Toronto, Canada. Subsequent biannual international meetings have been held throughout the US and Europe, the 2006 Congress taking place in Bonn-Koenigswinter, Germany. ISOT reflects the interests of the multidisciplinary character of the Society and is comprised of toxicologists, pharmacologists, ophthalmologists, pathologists, veterinary ophthalmologists and other basic scientists, providing a venue for contemporary exchange of knowledge and ideas from diverse perspectives in an area of specialization where timely dissemination of knowledge is not always highly prioritized in an atmosphere of warm collegiality. The approximately 100 members are from both industry and academic institutions, primarily from the United States, Western Europe and Japan. Meetings are held bi-annually, alternating between North America and elsewhere and consist of a structured program with specific themes of contemporary interest, invited keynote speaker, and scientific presentations by members and guests as well.

Another important activity of the ISOT is the maintenance and development of its website. Beginning with the 2006 meeting, the Conference Proceedings will be posted on the website. The site also contains the ISOT By-laws, information about upcoming meetings, and contact information for the Executive Board and ISOT members. Application for membership, payment of dues, and abstract submission forms for the upcoming meeting are all available on the website.

The biannual business meeting is open to all members and held as part of the bi-annual scientific conference. Future policy, directions and tasks are discussed and voted on. This forum also elects members and officers to the executive board, which meets annually.